Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been following a 4-day per week strength training routine. 3 days are traditional strength training, and my 4th day has been more of a “play” day. I typically wind up at the local park or playground (article coming soon on these workouts). I decided to skip my trip to the park and give the “Sexy Challenge” a go. This challenge was created by Bret Contreras who was inspired by a few other fitness professionals. Don’t let the cowboy hat fool you. Reading Bret’s material every week has helped me a tremendous amount in my career.


Here were my thoughts going in…
1. Front Squat – I perform front squats every week, however, I never load up the weight and use them more as a warm-up exercise. I figured these would be my lowest number…I was right.

2. Chin-ups – I LOVE bodyweight exercises and I usually perform pull-ups twice a week. The problem is I NEVER do chin-ups…I just find the pull-up version much more wrist, elbow, and shoulder friendly. I wasn’t sure if my numbers would drop on these by simply turning the hands…I wanted 25 reps and got relatively close.

3.  RDL – Another exercise I love. This is one I rarely perform for more than 6 reps so I wasn’t sure how these would go. I was happy with my number.

4. Incline Chest Press – This is an exercise I haven’t done in years. I use dumbbells and haven’t been on an incline bench since the 90’s. This probably explains why I can’t pull off a V-neck like Clifton Harski can. I wasn’t expecting much on this one.

5. Hip Thrusters – One of my favorite exercises. I wanted a few more but the backside was fried.

All in all I enjoyed the challenge. I think it’s important to change up your workouts from time to time and test yourself in new ways. I’m anticipating a sore backside tomorrow…although, it won’t stop me from getting up off the couch to cheer every Brady to Gronkowski touchdown!! Thanks to Bret and everyone else who participated and posted their results.

Weight 171 and had 170 on the bar
1. Front Squat – 10
2. Chin-up – 22
3. RDL – 30
4. Incline Chest Press – 12
5. Hip Thruster – 30
Total: 104