This may be the hardest post I’ve written. Why? Because change is hard…at least it is for me. And this post is all about that terrifying ‘C’ word.


First The Bad
Since August, I screwed up a great relationship, had a hip surgery, got a cool, unique job offer, and have been more or less couch-surfing for about 4 months. This isn’t exactly how I had things planned out at this stage of my life…Now, I’ve read countless motivational and “mindset” books, worked under one of the most motivational guys in the industry, and remain positive MOST of the time; but I admit to being “down in the dumps” more in the last 4 months than I ever have been in my entire life. I whined about it in my last post (You can read HERE) so I’ll spare you. Despite all this crazy change that’s happening, I’m finally beginning to accept it and embrace it. One of my favorite authors, Robin Sharma, says to “Run towards your fears“. He also says, “The riskiest thing you can do is not take risks“. Love these quotes. Sadly, reading them and loving them is not enough…action makes the difference! Taking action is the key! So…finally, I’m acting.


With the universe throwing all these challenges at me, I’m slowly battling back, adapting, growing, and responding by turning this all into new opportunities.

Now The Good
So now what? I’m sitting in a coffee shop in San Diego as I type this…and it will be my last week in San Diego. At least for the foreseeable future. After 13+ years of calling sunny San Diego my home, I’ll be driving out of town on Friday the 13th. I’ve got a couple planned stops along the way (Vegas, Albuquerque, Kansas, Virginia, Philly) before landing in Beantown for the holidays. The story doesn’t end there however…after spending some time with mom and the hometown crew for a couple weeks, I’ll be heading further east…to a little place called Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Huh?!


The cool, unique job opportunity I mentioned above is taking me to the Middle East in early 2014. Final details are being worked out but I can tell you that I’ll be helping to open up a new fitness facility in the city of Jeddah. I’m responsible for the layout, design, equipment choice, trainer education, and systems that will be put in place. If, and when, the facility takes off, there are hopes to open a couple more around the country. I’m both nervous and excited to head over. Seeing the world has always been on the bucket list, so to have this unique experience is something that I can’t pass up.

Love Ya SD
The hardest part about leaving San Diego will be, without a doubt, leaving my clients. From the Alliance Fight Team to all the personal training clients I’ve worked with; I can’t thank them enough. I’ve been blessed to work with such a unique group of folks over the years here…from age 7 to 70+. With jobs ranging from UFC champ to figure skater to accountant to engineer to lawyer to professional sniper…and so many others. To any clients past or present reading this, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

San Diego

The Door To Opportunity Is Marked ‘Push’
I will definitely continue to write about this new experience as the journey unfolds. And, if anyone reading this finds themselves in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia please hit me up. You’ve got a place to train! I’m off to brush up on my Arabic…

Ma’a salama

About Doug
Doug Balzarini, CSCS, MMA-CC, is the owner of DB Strength, which provides fitness training, education, and resources. He is also the strength and conditioning coach for Alliance MMA where he works with UFC Champion Dominick Cruz, Bellator Champion Michael Chandler, Phil Davis, Brandon Vera, Travis Browne, Ross Pearson, Alexander Gustafsson, and more. Prior to starting his own business, Doug worked at Fitness Quest 10 as a personal trainer, strength coach, and Operations Director for Todd Durkin Enterprises (TDE).

He has completed some graduate work in Biomechanics at SDSU and has obtained multiple certifications including ACE, NSCA-CSCS, MMA-CC, TFW Level 1, TRX instructor training, RIP training, EFI Gravity instructor training, LIFT Sandbag Certification, and FMS training. He has produced his 2 DVD projects on strength training for combat athletes, appeared in many fitness videos and articles, and was a coach on “The Ultimate Fighter” FOX TV show in 2012.

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