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Get an exclusive inside look at how top MMA athletes
train and get in the best shape of their lives! Learn how to apply these rules to ALL of your clients right away!

This one day interactive workshop is both lecture and hands-on and is designed to show you all phases of a complete fitness program. This event includes never before seen content!

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Event topics include:

    • Introduction to the “Critical Components” used in the DB Strength Training System.
    • Dynamic Warm-up. Understanding the importance of a proper dynamic warm-up. Focus on injury prevention, range of motion, foam rolling, activation… and more.
    • Mobility and flexibility movements. We discuss assessment protocols and the importance of joint integrity work for both MMA athletes and the general population client.
    • Medicine ball power movement. Experience my “go to” movements and drills.
    • Strength training. We reveal the “method to the madness”. We discuss periodization, circuit training, frequency, over-training concerns… and more.
    • Core development. Sample the drills and tools I use with top UFC athletes on a weekly basis to help strengthen their core muscles.
    • Metabolic conditioning. We break down common circuit layouts and talk about the methods I like, the ones I dislike, and the ones that I use most frequently.
    • Proper cool-down techniques. We talk about an overlooked aspect of fitness and why I always incorporate it into all our sessions.
    • The value of recovery. We will cover the importance of rest and share a number of recovery techniques.
    • Nutrition. We examine macronutrients and what foods are a MUST for MMA athletes and the general population client.
    • And much, much more!

This system has produced results for:

    • Housewives
    • Lawyers
    • Accountants
    • Financial planners
    • Engineers
    • IT professionals
    • Business owners and executives
    • Youth athletes
    • Aspiring professional & amateur fighters
    • UFC & Bellator Champions

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A must-attend event if you want to get to the next level!


“With nearly 25 years in the fitness industry, I have had the opportunity to experience countless styles of training and interact with hundreds of professional athletes, trainers and coaches. Based on this extensive exposure, I can whole-heartedly state that Doug Balzarini is one of the very best there is.  His training philosophies and real-world application of his techniques make him an invaluable source of effective strength and conditioning knowledge. Do yourself (and everyone that you will come in contact with afterwards) a favor; follow DBstrength on social media, watch Doug’s videos and DVDs and attend his lectures and seminars at every opportunity!”

– D McCormick, Founder of HAVYK Strength & Conditioning Equipment


“MMA is a hot topic these days and it seems like there is a new strength and conditioning expert popping up on every corner. Doug is one of the few coaches that I have met that actually trains fighters…good ones!…and continues to learn grow and adapt his programs to keep his athletes on top. His Fight as a fighter workshop offered some great information that I was able to apply to my workouts immediately. Highly recommended!”

Corey Beasley, Owner of Innovative Results 

“As a fitness professional, I really enjoy learning fresh, new approaches to training. Fit Like a Fighter gave me some great ideas to use with my clients. I can easily modify the intensity and exercises Doug showed us in the workshop to use with my novice fitness clients as well as my super fit clients. At any level, they love the challenge and they REALLY love seeing their fitness level improve! Thanks for a great workshop Doug!”

- Emiko Jaffe, Personal Trainer EmikoJaffe.com

“Doug is one of only a handful of strength and conditioning coaches in MMA that are worth following and actually know what they are doing. He follows current science and his methods are to the point, and best of all – thoroughly effective. How many other coaches do you know that train as many top level guys? He must be doing SOMETHING right…”
Eric Bartholomae, Personal Trainer and MMA Coach

“I took Doug’s workshop and it was amazing. As both a coach and professional MMA fighter, there was so much I could put in my strength and conditioning but also into my clients workouts as well. I enjoyed every second of the workshop. I am looking forward to taking one again very soon. I recommend anyone who wants to get better and/or touch up on specific stuff for yourself or your clients.”
Fernando Vargas, Coach at UFC Gym and Professional MMA Fighter

“Awesome stuff! I attended the last workshop and the material was broken down step by step and all I had to do was apply it to my fighters with some minor tweaking here and there. It’s great to have a rock star like Doug in the fight game which validates what the rest of us coaches are doing on smaller stages.I look forward to see what new techniques along side with research Doug has in store for us this time.”
– Arturo Medina Arvizu
Elite Warrior Fitness

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