This past weekend I gave my ‘Strength & Conditioning Workshop for the Combat Sports Athlete’ at Alliance Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. The attendees got a look at how I lay out my program design for the combat athletes that I work with. We discussed the importance of goal-setting, my six “critical components” (dynamic warm-up, power, strength, esd, flexibility, recovery), the value of nutrition and psychology, and much much more. The 4-hour seminar included handouts, a PowerPoint presentation, and plenty of hands-on participation.

It was a great group of trainers, coaches, and MMA fans. To see a few photos from the event please visit the DB Strength Facebook page here. I’ll check some video highlights up soon.

I want to thank a few organizations that helped me with this workshop:



Perform Better

Alliance Training Center

Water & Sports Physical Therapy

Most importantly, I want to thank all the attendees that took time out of their schedules to learn (hopefully) and have some fun with like-minded individuals.  The next workshop date and location will be announced soon!