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5 01, 2015

My (current) top 5 TRX moves

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I don’t think any of these will surprise you…and you’ve probably seen them all before. Why write about these “old” TRX movements? Because, sometimes, we need to be reminded that the foundational basic movements stick around for one primary reason – they work.

I think I’ll always promote base pillar-movements first and foremost – push, […]

3 08, 2014

Simple Solution Series – TRX Suspension Trainer

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What is this series? Fast, effective, results-driven workouts. This “Simple Solution Series” (SSS) was created to take the guess work out of your exercise routine and give you practical workouts that can be done just about anywhere with little to no equipment. Using 3-4 movement circuits we will work the entire body in a structured […]

25 06, 2012

TRX Progressions for the Upper Extremity

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In this video clip we have UFC light heavyweight athlete, Brandon Vera, demonstrate progressions included in his rehab and strength program.  Brandon underwent flexor tendon repair for his elbow following his last fight and performed his rehab at Water and Sports Physical Therapy.

13 05, 2012

TUF 15 – Week 9

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I kicked the week off Monday morning with training sessions all around San Diego county…Encinitas in the morning, La Jolla, Clairemont, and then Coronado in the afternoon. After a full day of training, I hopped on a flight back to Vegas.

13 02, 2012

Split Squat Variations You Have to Try

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Fundamentals are a must in someone’s strength training program. When I say “fundamentals”, I’m referring to fundamental movement patterns; the primary lifts that comprise the foundation of all of my programs. Squatting, hip hinging, lunging patterns for the lower body and pushing, pulling, and rotating for the upper body.

26 01, 2012

Video clips from last week (1/23/12)

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Here are three clips that I posted this past week. One shows some of my favorite pull-up variations, one includes UFC athlete Phil Davis blasting away on the SkiErg 100m dash, and one is a clip with Dr. Jenn Reiner and MMA athlete Kerry Vera working with the TRX suspension trainer.

19 01, 2012

TRX Functional Core Training

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The suspension trainer provides many variations for training the trunk stabilizers. In today’s video, we work with professional MMA fighter, Kerry Vera, who is returning from a lumbar disc and compression fracture injury. Utilizing the TRX suspension trainer, Kerry has progressed through traditional rehabilitation exercises and onto functional exercises for her sport.

17 01, 2012

Video clips from last week (1/16/12)

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Here are three clips that I posted last week. One shows some of our common medicine ball movements, one includes the RIP trainer, and one is a clip with the Stroops Anaconda.