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5 01, 2015

My (current) top 5 TRX moves

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I don’t think any of these will surprise you…and you’ve probably seen them all before. Why write about these “old” TRX movements? Because, sometimes, we need to be reminded that the foundational basic movements stick around for one primary reason – they work.

I think I’ll always promote base pillar-movements first and foremost – push, […]

3 08, 2014

Simple Solution Series – TRX Suspension Trainer

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What is this series? Fast, effective, results-driven workouts. This “Simple Solution Series” (SSS) was created to take the guess work out of your exercise routine and give you practical workouts that can be done just about anywhere with little to no equipment. Using 3-4 movement circuits we will work the entire body in a structured […]

3 06, 2014

TRX Abs –

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I recently wrote a number of brief “ab” training articles for They are a series of pieces that explain some of my favorite go-to movements. This one talks about a TRX Suspension Trainer ‘ab blast’.