Here are 5 TRX movements that predominantly use 1 arm and 1 leg. This advanced setup will create an unstable environment and really challenge one’s body awareness, coordination, and core stability. These are NOT your traditional, weekly movements that I recommend for your typical program. These are your ‘once-a-month’ workout or your occasional “Friday Fun-Day” routine when you are training outside the box and just want to mix things up a bit. These are not recommended for the majority of clients as they are fairly advanced and will definitely test you in a fun, new way.

Here is a brief breakdown of the 5 exercises:

1. TRX 1-Arm 1-Leg Row
Add a twist to the traditional inverted row exercise by using 1 arm for the row and balance on just 1 leg. This will really challenge your trunk rotary stability as you will need to “fight” to not rotate as you perform your reps. Try to keep your shoulders squared to the anchor point throughout the exercise.

2. TRX 1-Arm 1-Leg Squat
This exercise is similar to the row listed above in that it will challenge your trunk rotary stability. Having only one base of support, a single foot, will increase the difficulty and force you to perform the exercise in a controlled manner.

3. TRX 1-Arm 1-Leg Balance Reach
This is one that I use quite a bit with clients that struggle with single leg balance exercises. Applying pressure into the handle with one hand will help with neuromuscular patterning and engage your lats and core to help keep you strong and “stiff” throughout the exercise. Work to maintain a neural spine throughout and remember to keep your elevated foot pointed down to the floor and keep your hips from rotating and all times.

4. TRX 1-Arm 1-Leg Side Plank
This is an advanced version of the traditional TRX side plank. Keep only the bottom foot in the cradles and rest the top leg on top of the bottom leg while you get into position. You can perform this from either the forearm of the hand. Place your top hand on your hip and work to maintain neutral alignment.

5. TRX 1-Arm 1-Leg Hi Plank Hold
In single handle mode, put one foot in the cradle and get into a pushup position with a neutral spine. Once you are set, carefully lift the “free leg” off the ground as well as the hand opposite the foot currently in the cradle. This advanced rotary stability challenge will force you to engage muscles from feet to fingertips!

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