Jenn was still in town for most of Monday so I didn’t head to the TUF set today. We had omelets at the condo and then met the Alliance team at Throwdown for training. I warmed up with the team and then Jenn and I went through a strength training session. We had lunch at the Daily Kitchen for the second time in 2 days and then hung out before she had to catch her flight back to SD. It was great having her out here and I hope the TUF athletes got something out of the FMS testing she put them through. I plan to put some “homework” together for each of the guys so they can work on their shoulder mobility and, hopefully, start seeing some improvements before the show is over.

There is no TUF filming on Tuesday so it was another light day. I made omelets for everyone and then met the Alliance crew at Throwdown. They sparred while I did sprints and mobility work.

I had chicken with quinoa and veggies for lunch and then worked on the computer putting a bunch of furniture up on Craig’s List. We are moving into a new apartment at the end of the month so I need to sell some of my old “bachelor pad” furniture that I’ve had for awhile…it’s time to grow up…so I’m told anyway. At Throwdown that night, the guys did pad and bag work and I put Dom through an upper body push & pull session. Honestly, the hardest part of his injury so far is to get him to slow down. He needs to keep training though for stress relief and mental clarity. As long as we train smart we can still get some solid training sessions in every week. I had a big salad and protein shake for dinner.

Wednesday morning’s TUF training took place at Red Rock Canyon. It’s only about 15 minutes away and there’s some great hiking and climbing spots. We wanted a “light” day where the guys could just get out and break an easy sweat.

We hiked, did a fairly easy climb, and then did a 1 mile trail run. Being locked in that house, the guys appreciate any outdoor training they can get at this point. ¬†After the session, I skipped out on the Throwdown training and got my own workout in at the condo gym. It’s a small room with a couple dumbbells which is all I needed for presses, front squats, swings, and rows.

At the afternoon TUF session UFC legend, Vitor Belfort, came in and taught BJJ to our guys. It was awesome watching Vitor and his crew show our guys technique and I know our guys loved rolling with the well known veteran. While they rolled, Vick and Lawrence cut weight and both looked awesome. At Throwdown for session 2, I trained 4 of our guys and then helped AJ Matthews with his sprint work. After training, I attempted some light bag work, however, my damn oblique is still bothering me. It’s been 2 weeks! Injuries suck.

Thursday morning at TUF the guys did a 20 minute sprint session and then we hit Throwdown for the Alliance team training. I put Dom through another upper body strength training session and incorporated some light, bilateral lower body movements such as bridges and hip hinges. As long as we keep him unloaded and moving primarily from the hips, we can incorporate some “lower body” exercises. I hit the pool for an hour to read and then it was back to TUF for weigh-ins. Both Vick & Lawrence made weight (as did their opponents) and then we had a “mental” training session. Dom brought out a sports psychologist, John Boesky, to talk to the guys. He’s a NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist and talked to the guys for about 90 minutes on the conscious vs. unconscious mind, stress, expectations, etc. It was an awesome session and I know all the guys, even Tickle (ha!), got something out of it. Back at Throwdown for the second session, the team did some light drilling and I helped AJ with some sprints again.

Friday morning started with a kettlebell workout…I did some front squats, rows, and pushups, and then finished up with 100 snatches. Brutal finisher. The morning TUF session took place at their house. Dr. Boesky came to the house with Dom and I and he put all of us through an “affirmation exercise”. It was great stuff and really opened my eyes. Affirmation statements can be very powerful. The TUF house is awesome, however, I don’t know how they can live their for 13 weeks with no interaction with the outside world. It’s a true test of their mental toughness. I played some pool with Tickle, hung out with the guys for a bit, and then went back to the condo to get ready for the fights.

It was a crazy nights of emotions for me. I get all worked up when our guys go into battle…guess it just shows how much I care about them. The first fight, Vick vs. Proctor, had Vick as an underdog. He followed the game-plan to perfection utilizing his reach advantage and won a unanimous decision. In fight 2, Lawrence vs. Chiesa, the game-plan did not work out unfortunately. My hat’s off to Chiesa; he’s one tough dude. At the start of the season before the teams were picked, I thought Lawrence would be one of the finalists. Chiesa imposed his will and picked up the impressive victory.

After the fights, I hopped on a flight back to San Diego for the weekend. While I was fired up for Vick and his huge win, I couldn’t get Lawrence’s fight out of my head for the rest of the night…I hate leaving the locker room after a loss. It makes the flight home that much tougher.

Back in San Diego, I trained a couple clients Saturday morning and then Jenn & I were off to Mission Trails park for some rock-climbing (PICS). I’ve been once before when I was real young so I’m a true rookie at this sport. We got a bunch of climbs in, met some really cool people, and had an awesome time. It’s a tough activity for sure…my fingers and forearms were sore for 2 days.

After the long day of climbing, we just relaxed Saturday night and had some dinner.

Sunday morning I went to Kate Sessions Park for some hill sprints. It’s my favorite park for sprint work…definitely check it out if you live in the area. The rest of the day was spent packing up the apartment. While we are not moving until June 1st, this is the last day I’ll be in San Diego this month. I’ve got 3 weeks left in Vegas for the TUF show so we had to pack up as much of the apartment as we could. We got dinner at Burlap (love the atmosphere…food was expensive and….ok) and called it a night.

Just a couple weeks left!!