I started off the week Monday morning in San Diego training clients. I got my own kettlebell workout in at a local park in the afternoon and then packed up the car and hit the road for the 330 mile trip back to Sin City.

Thankfully, the weeks are finally getting a little bit lighter…we are winding down on the show so we’ve lightened up on the intensity of their training. Tuesday is a no filming day at TUF so I hit Whole Foods in the morning to stock up the fridge for Dom and I.  I met the Alliance team at Throwdown for their morning training session. They sparred and I hit deadlifts and presses. We had some lunch and then a bunch of us went to Red Rock Casino to watch the ‘UFC on Fuel TV 3″ card that included one of our brothers, Jeremy Stephens. It was a sweet card with a lot of close fights. Unfortunately, Jeremy came up a little short again Cowboy Cerrone. He’ll learn from this fight and be back in the gym soon getting ready for his next battle. Since the fights ran late, we gave the guys the night off from training.

Wednesday started with veggie omelets and then TUF training. I warmed the team up and then they had a wrestling practice. Wrestling practices have to be one of the hardest sessions of the week…long, challenging grinds! At Throwdown, I put Dom through a training session and then got my own quick one in. After training, we were right back to TUF for session number two. We had the guys run outside today just to get them out of the gym. It was a typical hot Vegas day, but I still think they appreciated getting outdoors. With Dom strength training in the morning and Ross being out of town, I took the night off from coaching. I had some dinner and worked on my new project, an e-book that I’m working on that will lay out a complete 8-week strength training program for MMA athletes (stay tuned!).

Thursday consisted of drilling and technique work at the TUF gym followed by sparring for the Alliance team at Throwdown. I did sprints while they sparred and then stretched the team out after practice. In the afternoon TUF session, the 4 fighters who were fighting tomorrow all weighed in. We had our boy, Vinc “From Hell” Pichel, taking on Faber’s Chris Saunders. In the other quarter final fight, two of Faber’s guys were facing off; Iaquinta and Ogle. After weigh-ins, Pichel began his refueling process and the rest of the team drilled. After a solid session, we went to Throwdown and I did some bag work with the team.

Friday started late since we had no morning TUF training. At Throwdown, I warmed up with the Alliance team and then lifted while they drilled. After training, I did 3 5-minute rounds with Danny Martinez in our gi’s. There were no submissions for the record. I’ll get him next session. After training, Danny and I hung out by the condo pool for a bit and I caught up on my reading of Fighter’s Only and Fight Magazine subscriptions.

After relaxing it was back to TUF for the fights. Our boy “From Hell” is a beast! He and Saunders put on a 2-round war and Vinc one by majority decision. My hats off to Saunders…Vinc connected with a number of solid shots that would have dropped most guys. In the second fight, the building was super quiet…must have been hard for Team Faber to cheer or root for either of their guys. Iaquinta dropped Ogle with a hard elbow that ended the fight towards the end of round 1. After both fights, Dana announced Faber’s new opponent for the July 7th fight since Dom is now out. Renan Barao got the call and was on set to square off with Faber. I’m not sure if you saw it during the show, but this was extremely hard for Dominick to watch. He definitely wears his emotions on his sleeve and he was definitely frustrated seeing someone else stepping in to fight Faber. I can’t wait for Dom to get back into action as I get to see each day how difficult this injury has been for him.

It felt good to be back in the winning locker room again. He hung out with the team for a bit while they tweeted and then cruised back to the condo to watch the episode on FX.

Saturday started at TUF with cage drills and then I put a bunch of guys through a conditioning session at Throwdown.

It was 3 5-minute rounds that included 4 stations of partner work. I then put the guys through a quick “3 minute abs” routine that included one of my favorites – low anchor point TRX Dragonflags (Here’s Ross Pearson showing off).

I skipped out on the second TUF training session and met up with some friends who had a BBQ at their pad in Henderson. It always feels good to catch up with old friends and to reminisce about the good ol’ days.

I’ll admit that I was a little foggy Sunday morning (my friend makes a good drink!). Thankfully, the only training session was at 3pm. I spent the first part of the day on the computer connecting with all my San Diego clients and then we were off to the TUF set. We put the guys through a conditioning session and then just hung out with the guys signing shirts and shorts. Since there is only a week or so left, all the guys are bringing in shirts to have their teammates and coaches sign. I also had all the guys sign a ‘Team Cruz’ shirt that I plan on framing to put on the wall at home.

I’ve got one more full week out here in Vegas! Going to make it a good one! Semi-finals next week and we got Vick and Vinc representing Team Cruz! Tune in.