Finally! My last week in Vegas…and I’m so ready to get back to San Diego – to my clients and to my routine! Being away does make you appreciate what you have. Thankfully, this last week was fairly light…Monday morning at TUF practice, the guys went over grappling techniques and rolled a bit with Wilson Reis leading the session. I handed out some DB Strength tees to the guys along with a copy of my 2-DVD set, and a copy of one of my favorite books, “The Greatness Guide”, written by Robin Sharma.


At Throwdown, the Alliance team also had a grappling session. I decided to roll with the team and got my a$$ ticked for 90 minutes. Good times. Not only did I get tapped out a bunch (you’d think I would be getting a little better with all this training…not the case), I also bothered my oblique strain again….sucks getting old.

I went to Whole Foods after training for some lunch and groceries, and then went back to the condo to eat and ice my body. I skipped out on the afternoon training sessions so I could do some writing, reading, and resting.

No TUF filming on Tuesday so I slept in a bit and then went to Throwdown late morning to train. The Alliance team sparred today so I warmed up with the team and then hit deadlifts and presses. In the afternoon, I worked a bit more on my e-book (coming soon!) and then met up with my uncle who was in town on business. He is a General Contractor who has built the “Miller’s Ale House” restaurants. So next time you are at one, notice the great carpentry work, great building layout, and great floor design. Ha. I spent the night hanging out with Dominick and Ross Pearson at our condo talking shop.

More drills and technique work for the TUF team at Wednesday mornings training session. At Throwdown, the Alliance team had another grappling practice. I participated but kept things light. After a quick run home to shower and eat, we were back on the TUF set for more drilling work. Since this is our last week, we are just focused on game-planning and keeping the guys healthy. Both Vinc Pichel and James Vick are fighting in the Semi-Finals on Friday night so they are also cutting weight this week. That night, I cruised back to Throwdown a little early to get a quick strength training session in. I then put Ross Pearson and three other guys through a training session. Ross fights on June 22nd so he’s currently in the middle of his camp. He is looking awesome right now! I made it home in time to watch my Celtics…lose. Ugh. They will win this series damn it!

Thursday morning training at TUF was sprints for the guys….definitely their least favorite session of the week, but at least it’s over quickly! At Throwdown, the Alliance guys sparred so I did sprints and then stretched the guys out after practice. Back at TUF in the afternoon, we had a light drilling practice and then hung out, signed a bunch of hats and shirts, and took a bunch of pictures. At the end of practice, the team “thanked” Dominick with a little bath…



I got a strength training session in Friday morning at Throwdown while the Alliance crew went through a wrestling practice. I got a little pool time in at the condo in the afternoon and started in on my new book, “Warrior Cardio”, by Martin Rooney. Plain and simple; this dude is awesome. Love learning from him.

We then all cruised to the TUF set for the two semi-final fights, Vinc Pichel vs. Al Iaquinta and James Vick vs. Mike Chiesa. In my eyes, any four of these guys will make a quality winner for the show. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see an all Team Cruz finale. Sadly, the night didn’t turn out the way I thought it would…

The first fight; Vick vs. Chiesa started great. Vick was using his reach and just picking Chiesa apart with his superior striking. This kid Chiesa has the most heart on the show though…he just does not quit. In round 2 he got Vick to the ground, quickly mounted him, and the fight was over. Fight 2 went pretty much the way I thought it would go…a war. Both Vinc and Al are well-rounded fighters who both have some serious striking skills. It was a really close decision and I would have loved to have seen a 3rd round. Al took the decision. Sadly, neither Vinc or Vick will fight in the finale, however, I know we will see them both in the UFC in the near future. After that disappointing night of fights, a couple of the coaches decided to hit the Vegas strip for a couple cocktails. I knew I had to train Ross Pearson in the morning so I behaved myself and didn’t drink that much. It was also the first night the TUF guys were “released” back into the real world. We hung out with two of our guys, Vinc & Sam, and it was great to see them back out in public after 3 months of being locked up.

After training Ross at Throwdown Saturday morning, I got my own lift in and then it was off to MGM for the UFC 146 card. It was an awesome night of fights and I had some sweet seats with Wilson Reis.

The rest of the night was a fairly typical Saturday night in Vegas…couple clubs, couple drinks, couple sweet dance moves. I stayed away from the tables (I’ve never won a dime in this damn town!) and we partyed at the Rio and then at Wynn. I’ll admit that I woke up a little foggy Sunday morning. I packed up with car and Ross and I made the 5 hours drive back to San Diego. I plan to relax on Monday and get things ready to roll for the week. I’m so excited to be back in San Diego! I hope my clients are ready to put some quality hard work in. I’ve just spent 3 months with a bunch of animals so I’m used to, and expecting, nothing but hard work and commitment.

My 3 month experience in Las Vegas for “The Ultimate Fighter Live” show was amazing. It may have been a little long, but I truly loved my time out there. Without question, my highlight of the trip was creating 8 new relationships with 8 quality guys. I hope they realize they have a fan for life and a friend who is happy to help them with anything they need. Please support and follow these guys throughout their careers:

1. James Vick

2. Justin Lawrence

3. Myles Jury

4. Jeremy Larsen

5. Chris Tickle

6. Vinc Pichel

7. Sam Sicilia

8. Mike Rio

I also want to thank Dominick Cruz, Eric Del Fierro, and the rest of the Alliance Team. We have one of the best coaching staffs in all of MMA. Period.