Here are three clips that I posted this past week. One shows some of my favorite pull-up variations, one includes UFC athlete Phil Davis blasting away on the SkiErg 100m dash, and one is a clip with Dr. Jenn Reiner and MMA athlete Kerry Vera working with the TRX suspension trainer.

1. Pull-up Variations You Need To Try
Proficient with the traditional pull-up exercise? Include these modifications into the mix and pull yourself to the next level.

2. Phil Davis 100m Dash – SkiErg
Alliance Training Center 100m SkiErg Dash. Phil currently holds the record at 15.4 seconds.

3. TRX Functional Core Training
Three “core” movements using the TRX
1. TRX Inverted TRX with Single Leg Bridge
2. TRX Split Squat with End-Range Shoulder Flexion
3. TRX Suspended Mountain Climbers