Here are the clips that were posted up on our Youtube channel this past week. One was a split squat variation clip that went along with a new article, one showed MMA athlete Dominick Cruz using the Core-tex, and the last one was MMA athlete Phil Davis using the Stroops Anaconda.

1. Split Squat variations you have to try
Adjusting your fundamental movements from time to time is not only necessary, but fun too. To challenge your body in news ways will stimulate growth and ensure progress. Here are some ‘split squat’ variations to try out.

2. Dominick Cruz using the Core-Tex
Quick clip showing an ab exercise using the Core-Tex with UFC Champion Dominick Cruz

3. Phil Davis playing with the Stroops Anaconda
Quick clip showing Phil Davis playing with the Anaconda for the first time at Alliance Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.