Here are the clips that I posted this past week. One involves me struggling through Bret Contreras’s “Sexy Challenge”, one shows a couple MMA-inspired conditioning movements, and one is a quick clip showing UFC athlete Phil Davis performing Prowler Hops.

1. Bret Contreras Sexy Challenge
Perform max reps on the 5 exercises below using your bodyweight as the amount of weight on the bar. I weighed in at 171lbs so I loaded 170# on the bar. 1. Front Squat, 2. Chin-up, 3. RDL, 4. Incline Chest Press, 5. Hip Thruster

2. ACE Shoot – “Train Like a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter”
Increase the intensity of your workouts by training like a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Doug Balzarini shows you his top five favorite exercises that he uses when training elite athletes. With upper-body pushing and pulling, lower-body and rotational core movements, these exercises will make you sweat.

3. UFC Athlete Phil Davis “Prowler Hops”
Here’s a quick clip of Phil Davis working on his hip and leg drive with a prowler hop exercise at the end of a tough session.